Why I love my Canon 300mm f4L IS Lens

Now here is a lens that few photographers carry to a wedding. I carry it to every wedding! It is a long lens and yes at a fixed length of 300mm it has limited uses at weddings. It does however add something to every wedding I use it at. I love to get those close tight shots from a distance so guests and brides dont see me shooting. It makes for less posed and more “in the moment” shots. It has to be the sharpest lens I own. According to all the blogs and tests I have read about this lens it is every bit as sharp as the mighty Canon 300 2.8L IS lens and although you loose the 2.8 aperture, you save a few grand and you save several pounds. A 2.8L would just be too heavy and would make candid shots hard. This lens is an attention grabber already and the 2.8 is even more so.

The image stabilization is just superb. I have hand held down to a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second on occasion during speeches and have been able to shoot across a dimly lit reception hall to get the bride and groom in mid laugh without them even noticing me. You can see some of those shots in the gallery bellow. A pet hate of mine is photographers who stand so close to the bride and groom during the ceremony to get the rings etc because they lack a long lens fast enough to shoot from a comfortable distance. This lens allows some really tight ring shots from the middle of the aisle in most churches and saves those horrible redo shots setting up a fake ring exchange after the wedding. That saves time for more interesting shots after the service. My 300 mm lens has also been a life saver at some weddings where the officiant or Minister has not let me move during the ceremony and has made me stay right at the back of the ceremony.

The fact that this lens has great weather sealing is also awesome. I have shot with it in light rain and my Canon 5Dmk2 with this lens have not missed a beat.

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These pictures below are all from this lens at recent weddings. In March 2012 I will be back in Africa and I will have some stellar wildlife shots from this lens to share too.

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