Magnolias Restaurant Wedding Rehoboth Beach De

I forgot just how many weddings I shot at the beach in 2011. This was pretty late in the year, but the weather was still pretty good. It was a challenging shoot as the schedule went a bit haywire leaving about ten minutes on the beach for formals. I was very happy with what I got in a fast shoot. All those years of fast sport and wildlife work paid off as I blasted through shots as fast as possible.

I am a die hard Canon fan, I will however confess that for this wedding I borrowed a friends Nikon D3S and had it on one shoulder with their new 70-200mm VR2 lens and my trusty Canon 5Dmk2 on the other shoulder with my 24-70 2.8L on most of the time. It made life much easier just swapping from one to the other during the beach formals. The Nikon zooms backwards, but I was soon used to it. I will further confess I was struck by the tack sharp focus of the D3s even in low light. STill like my Canon though. hehe Looking forward to the Canon 1DX. I think the picture of the two kids was my strongest all day. It was not set up at all. They were walking towards me and I saw it and just fired away. Love those spontaneous shots!

Magnolias is a restaurant firstly, but they did a good job as a venue. The food was awesome. I think it is a nice perk that very often I get well fed on the job. I don’t always have time, but I did later at this wedding and it was good.