Mansion at the Baltimore Zoo Wedding

When this couple first called me they were interested in using Apple Tree Studios because they saw our work from Africa with wildlife. They wanted someone who liked animals and had shot wildlife. I am really glad they called us, met us and had Abby and I shoot their wedding. Most often when I shoot with Abby she does video and I do photo, and at times we juggle the two. For this wedding we both shot photos. It is really great having two shooters for all those extra little details and angles.

The Mansion at the baltimore Zoo is certainly a unique venue. We loved to outdoor ceremony area with water behind the couple. We did have a lot of hard sun to deal with that may have been better if we had a slightly later ceremony, but it meant that the light was still good for the formals and the time with the couple. The staff at the Mansion were just amazing. They had a long golf cart ready for the Bride and Groom, and Abby and I to go around parts of the Zoo and get some great shots. They gave us all the time we needed, although with their help we were taken to such good places so quickly we needed less time that you would think.

The reception hall was well lit, maybe too well lit at first with huge windows on the outsides, but the sun went down soon enough and we were able to get some great dancing shots.

The penguin was just too cute. The Zoo has a policy of using Animal Ambassadors and it works. The cutest animal I have shot in a long time.