Our Favorite Elephant Photos

It is amazing how quiet elephants are. I remember on one shoot I was watching a small herd of elephants and getting some great shots. As I watched the herd moving away from a water hole, Abby started whispering, “Shane we gotta move”. She kept repeating it louder until I could tell she was getting annoyed and concerned about my lack of fear. I quietly told her the elephants were more than far away and we need not panic. At this point she grabbed my shoulder and whispered,”those ones may be far, but this one has to walk over us to reach the water!”. I was shocked as I turned around to see a huge male bull about thirty feet away with his ears spread. (this is an aggressive stance) Since we were in a tiny little Nissan we dashed away before it got hairy. We have worked with semi tame elephants, but this was in Hwange National park in Zimbabwe and this elephant was certainly not tame. With such huge padded feet elephants are really quiet until their tummy rumbles or the knock a tree over.