Virgin Island Shoot

For a few years now I have shot the Annapolis Boat show for Sail Magazine. It is the worlds largest Sailing Magazine. After a show last year I was asked to travel to the US Virgin Islands and do a shoot for an article on family cruising in the USVI. Needless to say it did not take me long to decide whether to go or not. It was a great week on a yacht with a senior editor and his family.

I came home with several thousand images and a tan like a red lobster. I find sun block and cameras near water are a slippery combination so I avoided the sun block. I paid the price when my balding head peeled and my back blistered. But it was worth it. The images were published in a recent magazine and I even made to front covers.

The sunsets were dreamy and the beaches pristine. It was however the pelicans I loved the most. I spent about three hours in the water well above my waist with several thousand dollars of camera waiting to get the shots with the fish jumping out of the water around the one pelican as it swooped down on lunch. Next trip I will rent an underwater enclosure for my camera.