Mendenhall Wedding Photographer

Shooting with two photographers has distinct advantages. On this wedding I was working with my good friend Dave. We shot at least 15 weddings together last year. Sometimes in a photo video combination and sometimes as double photo. This was one of the double photo shoots. I find I have more time to explore angles I would not have time to normally, when I shoot with another shooter. A good example would be the couple by the wall laughing in the set bellow. Dave was shooting some posed formals. I drifted off to the side and put on a long lens. Dave had the couple laughing as he changed a few details. I just shot for the reactions as they interacted with Dave and each other. Nothing beats those spontaneous shots for getting the emotions of the day. Another great advantage of two shooters was that I could spend a lot of time with the bride and the bridesmaids at the hair salon getting ready without worrying about the guys and the venue details as Dave had those covered. Made for some stellar detail shots of the girls getting ready.

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