Candid Wedding Photography

I don’t think I have laughed so much at a wedding. I was not the only one. At one point the minister was unable to carry on the service as he was laughing so much. He took a while to get going again. I know I was giggling so much at one point in the ceremony I had to really concentrate to keep shooting. I lost count of the photographs of Lindsay either smiling, laughing or crying. Dominick and Lindsay wanted more candid wedding photography and some fun shots so I spent a lot of time with longer lenses and shot as many unposed, spontaneous shots as I could.

Being at the Vandiver Inn helped make for a great shoot. As a photographer I could shoot at Vandiver every weekend. The staff are great, the place is stunningly pretty and it is easy to light. I think the photographs of the bride, groom and the guests reflect the happy mood of the day. Thanks Dominick and Lindsay for a fun day at the office.