Bridal Photography Pre-Ceremony

Should a bride get photos of her hair and make up etc getting done? It’s really up to the bride herself. As a wedding photographer I love to get them. Often in cases where couples are on a budget and want to save money on their photographer by booking short packages, the first thing to go is this time getting ready. For this reason we start our packages at eight hours so couples are not stuck trying to chop things off. I was tired of shooting five hour packages and feeling like I just did not get to cover all the details the couple wanted. That being said I’m not one to dictate what a Bride should do and if you don’t want these shots thats quite fine with me, but if you miss them due to time on a package limited to five hours, thats a shame.

The shots bellow are from a recent wedding I shot and show clearly why this time is not wasted. As with my style most of the day I shoot this time pretty candid with no posing to avoid getting in the way. I will even use my 300mm lens at times to stay well out of the way of the make up and hairdresser folks, but my 70-200 and 50 mm are favorites here.


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