Favorite Engagement Photos 2012

As I look back over 2012, I shot 55 weddings and several engagement sessions in Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, Munster IN, Delaware and on the beautiful campus at Notre Dame University. I thought I would share a very quick selection of a few favorites. Hope you like them.

Munster Photographer3-1Munster Photographer4-1 Munster Photographer6-1 Munster Photographer7-1 Munster Photographer8-1 Munster Photographer9-1 Munster Photographer10-1 Munster Photographer11-1 Munster Photographer13-1 Munster Photographer14-1 Munster Photographer15-1 Munster Photographer16-1 Munster Photographer17-1 Munster Photographer18-1 Munster Photographer19-1 Munster Photographer20-1 Munster Photographer21-1 Munster Photographer22-1 Munster Photographer23-1 Munster Photographer24-1 Munster Photographer25-1