Tom & Liz Warwick Allerton Hotel Wedding Chicago

Every wedding is unique, and nearly every wedding has things that change the best planned schedule. A wardrobe malfunction right before we were heading out to shoot formals made for an interesting photo session that included a trip in the Limo to a tailor, a borrowed dress for the formals; and photos with the friendliest tailor I have met.

What could have been a nightmare turned into a great story and some stunning impromptu photos as we walked the streets near the tailor while he fitted a new zipper. We did not make it to all the planned places, but we had fun where we did get to. Thanks Tom and Liz for being so spontaneous and enjoying the moments, even the unplanned ones.

It’s always interesting watching couples deal with stress on wedding day, Tom and Liz were amazing.

As for the Warwick Allerton Hotel, it was a wonderful venue. Well planned and well run, but best of all, very easy to light with some soft off camera flash for the ceremony and reception.